Entrepreneur, Engineer, Footballer, Developer, Designer,Inventor (BEng, SMNSE, MIEEE),

Who is Leading The Gozxiology Era?


Chigozie Davies Iyiegbu(Beng, Msc) is the managing director and CEO of Goziex Technologies Limited. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer, Caritas University and Masters of science (Msc) specialisation in Electronic Media, Communications and Media Studies at Budapest Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences. His creative mind brought about the Goziex Tech Mobile recharge card scheme which involves the use of disposable mobile recharge card as advertisement mediums to give value to disposable and create employement for mobile recharge card dealers, registered under Copyright Laws as the Author, he invented the ethno-geographic Gozxiology Formular (Check FAQ). He has made oral presentations at Multinationals,well experienced in business development and consultancy, Graphics designs, Web Designs and Developement and has also outstanding performances in sports. Davies worked as an alternative source of uniterrupted power supply engineer at Kobian Computer known as mercury computers,operating in more than 8 countries around the world, including India, Asian countries, Middle East and Africa, and was part of this experience with Kobian which has 12 strategically located offices worldwide and more than 250 global distribution channels.

Davies won the BKF Foundation scholarship as the best student in communications and media studies in Autumn semester of 2014. He got the proof of destiny recoginition award at Bamaka International School and certificate of outstanding performance in sports at the National Youth service Corps(NYSC) and certificate of achievement of best player at caritas universtiy. Davies has also won the BLSZ 1 (MLSZ) , Budapest League champion in 2014 and 2nd runner up medal for the Budapest Kupa in same year and was featured on the USA Based Magazine and Blog "" as one of Africa's Rising Stars and a Jack of all trades. He is also an active profesional pursing footballer In the european League. As the CEO of the fastest growing ICT solutions company in africa and an advertising pioneer, Chigozie Davies Iyiegbu has shown that passion and deligency in beliving to create a world class ICT solution company to administer services in the Media, Advertising, Education and Information sector is fit to achieve and has leveraged his extensive creative expertise, with an eye for targeting a company growth of substansive percentage monthly. As a Team player Davies has been profesional and as an entrepreneur, embodies the creativity and innovation that keeps the company ahead of the competition, along with the reliability and trust that clients and employees value with continual growth by developing its distinctive business model, client relationships and depth of staffing expertise.

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The Innovative era is here

Our Mission is to be the biggest ICT solution company in Africa and the world at large. At Goziex Tech we believe that showing the skills and desires of the year 2020 in the present represents innovation.This is what we call the Gozxiology era, finding solutions to current problems through critical analysis of future variables. Customer satifaction, Quality Assured Services, Certified Professionals,State Of the Art Business Ideas, PC power analysis and Notebook Diagonistics, Slick Web Designs,Graphics Designs, Inspired Informative Tech Blogs and Outstanding tutorials. We have a standard and we protect it.

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