The GT Mobile Recharge Card Advertisement Scheme

  The best Advertsing Idea of the 21st Century

We advertise with the Newest techique and to the Lowest Customer In the Target Audience Chain!

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The GT mobile recharge card advertisement is one of the best advertising Ideas of the 21st century owered by Goziex Technolgies Limited. It uses the GT ads tailoring technique and an existing structural networks of mobile recharge card dealers to reach out to your new and existing customers.

The Mobile recharge card advert business idea, is based on printing graphics or written text advertisements on mobile recharge cards/voucher to reach out to millions of people or users nationwide, the idea is designed to sell out advert spaces on the front or back of the printed recharge cards/voucher provided by the telecommunication company or the mobile recharge card dealers ( the accredited and licensed distributors of the recharge pins bought from the mobile service providers ) to individuals, companies and corporate bodies that wish to advertise their new products and services at a cost. Advert spaces will be sold out to individuals companies and corporate bodies who wish to advertise their products or services through the mobile recharge card advert scheme by Goziex Tech.

Still Not Convinced Why You Should Advertise With Us?
  • Mobile Market Growth

    Advertise to the emerging mobile market of 128 Million active subscribers (NCC Stats). 2 Billion Smartphone Users By 2015,83% of Internet Usage

  • Cheap Advertising

    Advertise as low as less than a Dollar to a larger audience

  • Free Ads Integration

    Enjoy powerful graphics designed to integrate brands, with key highlights and selling points to attract customers

  • Expansive Dealer Network

    Our Dealer networks grows at the same advert rate, advertise to a larger network

  • Ad Tailoring Technique

    With the Goziex Tech Ad tailoring technique through dealer data collection and analysis. Your Ads are tailored down to boost your corporate presence in specified marketing areas

  • Increased profits

    The Goziex Tech Mobile recharge card scheme increases profit for dealers, Telecos, and Advertisers. Enjoy high corporate success

  • Improved Active subscribers

    Our promotional ads and campaign strategies keeps active subscribers active and give the inactive subscribers a reason to subscribe

  • Audience Tapping

    Your customer is a subscriber, Your competitor's customer is a subscriber too. Audience Tapping makes Your competitors customer buy your product

  • Rebranding

    The advertisments will give it a new look and a new look attracts new customers and solidifies the commitment from the existing customers.

  • Reoccurance strategy

    If that ad doesn't impact on the first day, chances has it that it will on the second, because our advertisement keeps re-occuring each time a customer purcahes recharge card.

The Telecos are the mobile service providers.They provide basic rights of distribution , sales of recharge pins and printing of advertisements on the Mobile recharge voucher or cards to the proposed dealers and GT enabling the platform for value added promos through the GT Scheme

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Goziex Tech is the media agency that manages all media rights and publicity of the adverts , GT is an essential partner in actualization and implementation of the mobile recharge card advert business idea. Our Company major marketer of the advert spaces and publicity, by soliciting the sales of the advert spaces to the proposed advertiser.We also play a vital role in the creation of graphics designs or art work to be associated with the mobile recharge card ads using expert graphic designers to create state of the art advertisement “Templates”.

This is You! and You with the solution to your decreased corporate presence. The advertisers are the potential individuals,company, brands and organizations advertising or wish to advertise with the GTMR Scheme.

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Who is a Dealer? The mobile recharge card dealers are resonsible for ads rinting and distribution to their subscribers/customers on daily basis. All you need to do is declare your customer base,Location and get started!

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