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Goziex Technologies LImited is committed to the discovery and training of talented youth in ICT and has developed this zero tuition fee initiative to train students in elementary and tertiary in ICT related courses both in theory and practical labs, because we are committed to working with the best students in all level we have set up the GCOMPT exam to test the ICT knowledge of the potential students who are selected to enjoy the benefits of the GT ICT Scholarship. The GCOMPT Examination has a paper based test (PBT) and a Computer Based Test (CBT). Students and Applicants are required to choose between the PBT and CBT. The CBT is carried out in a computer facility in any of the GT partners nationwide and the PBT is carried out in registered and accredited schools nationwide. Students who meet the intended cut off mark required for entrance into the GT FRee tuition ICT scholarship are assigned a GT number which is available on the GT Scholarship card made available only to registered schools or GT agent
The goal of the GCOMPT is to build a better ICT inclined youth and to have a trusted computer exam that can be accepted nationwide and a prerequisite for admissions, job offers and personal development for scholars.

The GCOMPT Examination Types by English versions

is a variant of the GCOMPT exam which is taken only by students and applicant of the GT ICT Scholarship

Is the exam taken as a competitive framework between schools to encourage students to embrace ICTdevelopement . Student who represent their schools in the competition are given prizes and platforms to improve in ICT

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